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15 Dec 2014
Jasper forum

My husband and i are preparing to take a coach tour with travelsphere which is 12 days and takes in banff, jasper, kamloops and three days in calgary.We are going on october 25th as this was the only time we could really afford to do the trip so i know the weather may be rainy and foggy but as this is my dream trip, i dont really care about the elements.I wondered what sort of clothing we would need as i am going to try and buy it in the sales.Bearing in mind we are from the north east of england so we are used to oct/nov temp of freezing and below.Should i have just normal winter clothing or specialised winter clothing and what do people normally wear on an evening in the hotels, do they have an inclination to get really dressed or just casual stuff.The hotels we are staying are not particulary over priced ones.I know its a year to go but i am so looking forward we booked this trip, i have i thought i'd visit this part of canada all my life.We have already been to the canadian falls and i thought they were quite simply the most amazing thing i had ever seen.We stayed in the oakes disregarding the falls and i just sat and stared at them all night.I deeply love canada and the canadian people.

Throughout the rockies, there are some seasonal attractions that won't be open when you are here at the end of october some attractions are open only in the summer, and typically close after our thanksgiving holiday weekend(March.8 will be the thanksgiving holiday Day holiday in 2012)Takes into account the maligne lake and lake minnewanka boat cruises, jasper tramway, and miette hot rises(Not usually used on tour itineraries though).Simultaneously, the snocoach tour about the athabasca glacier(Columbia icefields)Shuts in mid october(I see it is advertised with your tour day 4), As do the rafting trips, Occur North Face Cheap Sale to be listed as an option for day 5, Deals are going to day in Jasper.Seasonal roads are the moraine lake road in banff national park, and the miette road and the cavell road throughout jasper(But vehicles over 7m/22 ft can move up the cavell road anyway so coach tours do not go there);They are normally closed sometime in october, relying on weather.

These are weather, the rockies won be bitter and foggy(Rain or snow is an opportunity, but fog isn't likely).You will probably overnight temperatures below freezing, but usually at the bottom of october, daytime highs are above iced.Still(November.6), The averages are a daily everywhere of 1C and 7 for Jasper, And 1 and 9 to produce Banff(Even though it is 15 in jasper as i write this, and jasper and banff expect highs of 1 and 2 today, respectively).It's actually a dry climate though, so you may not find it quite as chilly as comparable heat range at home.

Late october and late is the"Separate season"In the rockies tourist season ends with thanksgiving holiday, and ski season doesn get really going until christmas time(Although a lot of of the area ski mountains open in mid november).Jasper, including, is very quiet at this time of year there are some regional visitors that come up for fun on saturday, however, there is hardly anyone around on weekdays.Banff is also much quieter than during the warm months tourist season, but being a larger town and nearer to a city and an airport, has more activity and visitors than jasper at this time.But the banff and kamloops ones appear to achieve greater rankings.The amethyst is an adult hotel, yet somehow, included in the favour, it is conveniently located just a few blocks from downtown.Within, at this period, you will often see elk grazing after sunset and early morning, right down the street along the green space along the tracks that includes the"Town walk" (Jasper discovery trail an 8 km loop inside the town).If meals are not as part of your tour(And doesn't meam they are mentioned, so i assume they could be recycled), An excellent opportunity walking downtown for your dinners the restaurant in the Amethyst is not one I would particularly recommend. (Although you need to exceptions usually when the hotel leases out its restaurant to a chef/restauranteur many hotel restaurants rely on"Attentive market"Alternate to terrific food and ambiance. )

Thankyou both so much to ones comments.I intend to have a word with the tour company because the athabasca glacier as an activity i did particulary want to see.The hotels haven't been named as yet though so i am not entirely sure where we will be staying but i will take your comments on board.It Cheap North Face Jackets is a pity we cant come at another time of year but circumstances are such that it needs to be october and we may not get another chance to do it so we most certainly just go ahead.Neither of us can drive so it should be a coach tour really and i am sure the rockies will be beautiful anyway.Interesting comments about the clothes and temperatures, i thought in several ways.A lot colder than that.Having had two horrendous winters here in the north east of england then i am sure we are ready for anything.Thank you.

Hi there we came back Face from our taste of the rockies trip(Along together using travelsphere)The actual internet 28th oct.It was beautiful.We managed to do the athabasca glacier trip we went on their last day of openning and it was the expertise of a lifetime.Lake louise was another talk about.The actual trip, and added optional travels were first class.I can suggest it enough!We kept in calgary, jasper and furthermore banff.Jasper was our favourite.We had sunny situations in calgary, around 12 college diplomas.Minimal cooler in jasper.And a day's snow in banff.Obviously usually up we went the colder it was with snow.The banff gondola was amazing.You might want to ask me any questions then fire away;Debbie: )

I just noticed your answer my post.So pleased someone has replied about the actual tour we can do.I cant realise its only 12 weeks away now.I am a bit concerned about clothing as i am not really a jeans sort of person.I was thought leggings, long jumper and boots and i have a light-Weight but warm north face long coat.Do you think this specific thing will be ok for day and night or do people get a bit more dressed of an evening.Not that we are really going to eat anywhere fancy.You think if i just take my sensible boots will that be ok or do people wear shoes.

Sorry its taken so long to respond you.Your reply is smart thanks.We went on the florida breakthrough for 11 days, it was good.We pulled over at orlando, cacao beach, nasa, finland, the everglades and no end of little towns.We went on the western explorer recently, whilst they have changed the itinery a little now.Work out which day you will be in vegas and if have enough money it book a helicopter trip to the grand canyon.We selected a complany called papillon and they were great, we booked it online before we went and it was cheaper than travelsphere prices.Stimulate your walking shoes on for vegas as you walk miles.Not much of a gambler so didnt really go in the casino but a number of shows outside the hotels and other stuff going on.San fran is amazing, get a ferry to alcatraz its great your son will cherish it.You could go on pier 39 for all the astounding food places.The basket buses are a must.The bridge is sensational.The fog rolls in really fast though at times and its cold so take a cardy.The trains and buses system there is really good to get about so you could try the bus to the chinese gardens, they really are nice, also know as the ferry to socilito, a tiny island about half an hour away.Yosemetee park is also great with a bit of bus to take you about.I will never forget this trip it was among the best ever.I will go now otherwise i will begin boring you ha ha.

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